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Transactional Success Offshore? The Role of Corporate Lawyers

February 2015 Robert J.D. Briant

While researching for the article “Lessons from Delaware”, the role of the corporate lawyer in Delaware stood out as a significant reason for the
success of Delaware. When looking at offshore financial centres, the corporate lawyer plays an equally important role, although perhaps not as well developed as in Delaware. Further, when discussing the difficulties faced by certain offshore financial centres, the issue circled back to the role of corporate lawyers, and their inability to progress change.

It is the thesis of this article that the offshore financial centre that best emulates the role of corporate lawyers in Delaware will likely be the most successful transactional offshore financial centre. The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is well positioned, if it chooses to do so, to adopt a Delaware type model and by doing
so to advance ahead of its competitor jurisdictions and become a leading transactional offshore financial centre.


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Transactional Success Offshore? The Role of Corporate Lawyers


Robert J.D. Briant
Partner, Head of BVI Corporate

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This article was first published in Business BVI, January 2015.


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