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The Asset Management Review

It has been a busy year in Bermuda in the asset management arena. Legislative initiatives, collaboration between the public and private sectors, and a general proactive approach by the jurisdiction have been the hallmarks of 2012.

Bermuda has continued to be on the cutting edge of new fund product development with the introduction of regulations designed to facilitate the offering of units of Bermuda unit trusts to the public in Japan. Funds that invest in insurancelinked securities continue to favour Bermuda as a jurisdiction for establishment, and we regularly see the insurers in which these entities invest similarly established and operated from the island. At the other end of the spectrum, Islamic finance appears to go from strength to strength as the ‘open arms’ approach adopted by the Bermuda Monetary Authority (‘the BMA’) has encouraged a growing number of promoters of shariah-compliant funds and investment structures to establish their vehicles in Bermuda.


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