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Tameka Davis Appointed as a Director of the Women’s Offshore Network

June 2016 Tameka Davis

Tameka Davis was named a director of the British Virgin Islands’ Women’s Offshore Network (“WON”).

WON launched in 2014 as a networking organisation for women in BVI’s financial services sector. The organisation hosts events and other seminars, providing ways for women to stay connected and build relationships in the local business community as well as encourage bespoke professional development and networking resources.

“WON is a wonderful organisation which speaks to the specific needs of women in the Offshore Industry. Its objectives are commendable and credible. It is hoped that this year we will build on the success of the previous years to offer great professional development content and networking opportunities for our members. I am honoured to be in a position to contribute to that in a substantive and meaningful way”, said Tameka.

WON was established to:

  1. encourage women’s participation in networking organisations, and particularly reaching out to women who may not feel they have a place in existing organisations;
  2. enhance the professional status of women in all disciplines of financial services.
  3. provide a forum to women (with any specific concerns); and
  4. strengthen links between women on a regional and/or international scale, for the purpose of supporting, encouraging and learning from one another.


Tameka Davis

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