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Offshore Innovation Supports Islamic Finance

September 2009

The use of Cayman Islands, Bermuda and BVI companies in the Middle East and Asia has long been reflected by their prevalence in investment fund formations in the region and their use in a myriad of other transactions including joint ventures, corporate restructurings, private equity and real estate acquisitions and personal holding companies.

Offshore trusts have long been used in the Middle East and Asia for estate planning purposes, but with the growth in the availability and use of non-charitable purpose trusts, offshore company and trust structures are now regularly used by financiers in the region for a variety of finance and structured finance transactions, including Islamic finance transactions.

Islamic financing institutions have developed a wide range of techniques using offshore vehicles which allow them to uphold religious and legal principles whilst enabling them to offer viable financial products. This article highlights a number of Islamic finance structures which offshore companies and trusts are commonly used in.


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Offshore Innovation Supports Islamic Finance


A version of this article was also published by Islamic Finance News.


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