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Iron Man Lawyer raises HK$50,000 for Children

March 2010

Richard Hall, an associate in the Hong Kong office of Conyers Dill & Pearman, took part in the Ironman Triathlon World Championships on Saturday 21 October in Kona, Hawaii . The Ironman consists of a 3.8 km ocean swim, a 180 km bike ride and a 42 km run, back to back.

After the earthquake which shook the islands on the Monday before race day, it came as some relief that the race managed to proceed without a hitch. The bike ride and the run both pass through the lava fields of Kona, where the average temperature is usually somewhere above 30 degrees, though luckily enough the notorious Hawaii trade winds were not as fierce as usual this year, which came as a relief during the bike section of the race.

Despite a few problems during the run section of the race, Richard managed to finish in 11 hours 26 minutes, though is yet to live down being beaten over the finish line by his 3 year old daughter, who accompanied him for the last 20 meters of the race.

Richard, who was generously sponsored by Conyers Dill & Pearman to take part in the race, used his participation in the race to raise HK$50,000 for Watchdog Early Learning and Development Centre in Hong Kong , which is a charitable organization providing early intervention and education for developmentally delayed children between the ages of birth and six.



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