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Container Leasing: Bermuda, the Offshore Jurisdiction of Choice

Approximately 90% of goods traded across international borders are transported by shipping containers, and a large portion of those containers are leased.

Securitisation transactions have emerged as an important financing tool for container lessors as the structured finance markets have become an attractive means of raising capital and leveraging growth opportunities. Despite the economic downturn, strong performance in the leasing sector has resulted in a steady flow of securitisation transactions in recent years.

Bermuda maintains a strong reputation among lessors as the offshore jurisdiction of choice for securitisation transactions. Bermuda is also a popular domicile for lessor group holding companies and their operating subsidiaries. Leading lessors, such as Textainer, CAI and Cronos, completed transactions in Bermuda totalling over US$1.5 billion last year. A large number of both parent companies and subsidiaries of the leading lessor groups are incorporated in Bermuda.

This article, published in the September 2013 edition of Offshore Investment, explores the benefits that Bermuda can offer container leasing companies.


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Container Leasing: Bermuda, the Offshore Jurisdiction of Choice


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This article originally appeared in Issue 239, September 2013 of Offshore Investment Magazine.


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