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Cayman Sunrise – Eradicating the darkness of illiteracy

May 2008

Conyers, Dill and Pearman, Genesis Trust and Corporate Services, and the Royal Bank of Canada have come forward to assist Rotary Sunrise in its fundraising efforts.
The funds raised by the service club will go toward eradicating the literacy problem in the Cayman Islands.

“There is no way they could do this without the generosity of corporate Cayman,” the club said in a press release.

“Very often the sponsoring companies are shy about their help but on this occasion they have been persuaded to peep from under the covers.”

Rotary Sunrise publicly thank the sponsors for their kind assistance.

As part of its fundraising drive, the club is raffling a fully loaded, corn-fed, Flexfuel Avalanche 4 x 4. The vehicle is powered by an-eight cylinder 5.3-litre engine, which will run on gasoline or a mixture of Ethenyol and gasoline.

According to Rotary Sunrise, the vehicle has an active fuel management system, which means it will run happily on four cylinders when the power of eight is not required.

Tickets, which are $25 each or five for $100, are available from club members. There are a number of other prizes available in the biggest Rotary Sunrise raffle.


Originally reported in CaymanNet News, 27 May 2008


"They understood the urgency and demanding nature of the deals that we were working on - they were very responsive and commercial, and worked with us to make it happen."
- Chambers Global