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Cayman Islands Companies (Amendment) Law, 2011

April 2011

Company, trust, banking, insurance and related laws have made Cayman a leading offshore financial centre. The government’s attitude towards, and open communication with, the private sector encourages the promotion and maintenance of Cayman’s offshore business.

The recent revisions to the Cayman Islands Companies Law are an impressive example of this co-operative approach and demonstrate not only the willingness, but the ability, of Cayman to adapt to the changing product needs of clients.

These amendments reflect the ongoing commitment of the Cayman Islands government to work in close cooperation with the private sector to improve Cayman’s position as a leading corporate jurisdiction with a competitive edge. Click the PDF link below for a brief summary of the amendments.


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Cayman Islands Companies (Amendment) Law, 2011



"They understood the urgency and demanding nature of the deals that we were working on - they were very responsive and commercial, and worked with us to make it happen."
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