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Bermuda Improves Efficiency in International Business

September 2009

Hedge funds incorporated in Bermuda, and indeed in other popular offshore jurisdictions, continue to face substantial legal challenges following the global economic and financial crisis. Many hedge funds have found it difficult to raise new capital through new share subscriptions and at the same time, many are facing an increased number of redemption requests from shareholders seeking to leave the fund at a time when they do not have enough cash or liquid assets to pay all of them at the same time. The fund industry is therefore going through a period of contraction and this is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. However, as with many threats come opportunities and Bermuda is confident that a time will come when the hedge fund industry will, once again, flourish and proliferate. With this in mind, Bermuda remains committed to attracting quality funds by offering demonstrable political and demographic stability, an abundance of professional service providers, including excellent fund administration services, a sophisticated telecommunications system and welcome regulation of the investment industry to provide more transparency and disclosure in accordance with international standards.


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Bermuda Improves Efficiency in International Business



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