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Bermuda and the MENA Region: Positioned for Growth

March 2016 Michael Frith

There is no question that Bermuda has an exceptional reputation as a key global insurance and reinsurance jurisdiction, a reputation it has earned over many decades. There are a number of reasons that have led to this distinction, notably, an effective risk-based regulatory framework and a robust infrastructure that includes a deep pool of human and financial capital. The result is a powerful market, playing an essential role in the global financial and risk management industry. The effect of this is that Bermuda is seen by capital providers as a natural jurisdiction in which to put that capital to work, and as an ideal base from which to expand that capacity into other markets. In recent months, a flurry of activity has highlighted that Dubai, and by extension the MENA region, is a key market for that expansion.


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Bermuda and the MENA Region: Positioned for Growth


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This article was first published in Middle East Review, March 2016


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