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Aviation – British Virgin Islands

November 2017 Audrey M. Robertson

Recent developments and trends

Are there any notable recent developments or trends in the aviation sector in your jurisdiction?

The British Virgin Islands is becoming an increasingly popular jurisdiction for aviation finance not only in the private and
corporate jet sectors, but also in the commercial sector.

Regulatory framework

What is the primary domestic legislation governing the aviation industry in your jurisdiction?

As the British Virgin Islands is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, registration of aircraft in British Virgin
Islands is governed by UK law: the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order 2013. Air Safety Support International, a
wholly owned subsidiary company of the UK Civil Aviation Authority, acts as the oversight regulatory body for the
United Kingdom’s overseas territories in relation to aviation matters.

Which government bodies regulate the aviation industry and what is the extent of their powers?

Air Safety Support International regulates under the UK Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order 2013. In addition, the BVI Airports Authority – a statutory organisation of the BVI government – was incorporated in 2005 to oversee the effective and efficient operation of all airports in the British Virgin Islands. The objectives of the authority include the following:

  • to acquire, own, operate, control, manage, develop, administer and maintain the international airport and any extension thereof, and any designated airport in the territory as a commercial undertaking in a manner which recognises its role in the first instance as an international airport and for the benefit of the economy of the territory;
  • to provide and maintain on a commercial basis facilities and services for air transport and such other facilities and services as are necessary or desirable for, or in connection with, the international airport or any designated airport;
  • to collect such dues and charges as the company may be authorised to collect by an enactment; and
  • to use, develop and manage on a commercial basis all lands vested in, transferred or leased to the company.


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