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BILTIR’s 2016 Bermuda International Life & Annuity Conference

The 2016 Bermuda International Life & Annuity Conference will focus on the long-term reinsurance industry in Bermuda. Leading industry experts will discuss key trends and policies impacting the industry.

Bermuda International Long Term Insurers and Reinsurers (BILTIR) was created to serve as a formal association representing the long-term insurers and reinsurers in Bermuda.

The primary focus of BILTIR is to act as an advocate for Bermuda’s life and annuity industry for public policy that supports the industry marketplace, including regulatory requirements, other Bermuda Monetary Authority or Bermuda government issues, and tax matters with various jurisdictions. BILTIR strives to provide a consistent and coherent voice for concerns of the long-term (re)insurance sector in Bermuda.

Conyers' director’s Chris Garrod and Sophia Greaves will attend the conference.


Chris Garrod
Director, Head of Fintech

Bermuda   +1 441 299 4923

Sophia Greaves

BERMUDA   +1 441 294 5929


"Few firms can come close to Conyers on one critical metric, and this is the breadth of the client base."
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27 September, 2016